February 2020

Rain-Induced Landslide Susceptibility: A guidebook for Communities and Non-Experts

This report which includes the guidebook was prepared as part of the project, Reducing Disaster Caused by Rain-Induced Landslide: Training for Communities and NonExperts. This project was funded through the initiative of Senator Loren Legarda who worked out to include Five Million Pesos in the 2018 General Appropriations Act for this endeavor to start.

College of Law undergoes LEB Evaluation

With the aim of ensuring quality education as one of their core functions, the Legal Education Board which facilitates the Philippine Law School Admission Test visits the Kalinga State University-College of Law last February 7, 2020.

According to Judge Marcelino Wacas, dean of the college the primary objective of the visit is for the evaluators to suggest some improvements specifically on the physical facilities, administration, library, instruction, laboratory and management of the university.