A Welcome Message from the College Dean

It is with great pleasure and joy that I welcome all the students, faculty members, staff, and partners to being CHNS family.

I strive to create a culture that recognizes the importance of high quality, ingenuity, and individualism in my role as Dean of Health Sciences. Our college places not only a center for learning but also an order of zealous people who are powered by the need to learn, change, and personal transformation.

The university offers a program in the education of Bachelor of Science (BS) in Midwifery, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health under the College of Health and Natural Sciences. The college has undertaken significant expansion and development from 1993 to 1997 and up to the present academic year.

Thus, the college is advocating for an effect on the quality of skilled healthcare providers to deliver services in the healthcare delivery system, professionals who perform well as undergraduate and nationally ranked graduates attaining supremacy by expanding programs and research. There are diploma and undergraduate programs in the college.

A student in health professions and natural sciences, upon graduation, can provide independent provision of healthcare delivery as a team member that includes conducting research, making policies, supporting patients; and acting as supervisor while changing communities within diverse settings which are hospitals clinics offices individual homes schools’ public centers for government agencies assisted living long-term care.

The College of Health and Natural Sciences is characterized by a performing faculty, and talented staff who are well known for the level of academic support they extend to scholars from various backgrounds learning activities. The two professions are firmly based on an ethical foundation for needs and advantage of all mankind.



College Dean and Professor