A Welcome Message from the College Dean

“A gracious and inclusive welcome we bring to you, filled with the desire and hopes and dreams we all share.” The university offers a program in the education of Bachelor of Science (BS) in Midwifery and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology under the College of Health and Natural Sciences. The college had undertaken significant expansion and development since 1993 to 1997 and up to the present academic year.

The college is advocating an impact on the quality of skilled health care provider to serve in the health care delivery system, promoting performing undergraduate and nationally ranked graduate and achieving excellence through the expansion of programs and researches. The college offers diploma and undergraduate programs.

A graduate student in health professions and natural sciences can establish independent health care delivery and as members of the health care team, conducting research, making policy, supporting patients, functioning as supervisor and changing communities in multiple settings that include hospitals, clinics, offices, individual homes, schools, health departments, government agencies, and assisted living and long-term care settings.

The performing faculty and talented staff in the college of Health and Natural Sciences are recognized for the high level of academic support they provide to diverse students for learning and instruction. The two programs are professions that firmly anchored on an ethical foundation for the demand and benefit of all mankind.




College Dean and Professor