Faculty Profile

      A.      Faculty Profile             
      Table 1. College of Liberal Arts Faculty Profile        
      Name Date of Original Appointment Position Title and Salary Grade Civil Service Eligibility Educational Attainment Educational Institution Year Graduated Status Profile Pictures
      Jovy C. Ao-wat 1-Jul-98 Assistant Professor II-16 CSP AB Political Science SLU Baguio 1990 Permanent
      MPA KASC 1999
      DPA Cagayan State University Om-going
      Divina A. Balocnit 7-Jan-13 Assistant Professor IV-18 PBET BS Biology SLU Baguio 1992 Permanent

      CSP MAED SLCB Tabuk 2002
        PhD KASC 2009
      Lailani C. Banggawan 16-Feb-17 Instructor 1-12 LET BA Mass Communication UP Baguio City 2003 Temporary  
      Lou Marshal Banggawan 1-Jan-15 Instructor 1-12 LET BSED Math KASC 2003 Permanent
      MAT Math KASC 2010
      Ronald B. Bulwayan 2-Mar-17 Instructor 1-12 CS AB English BCF Baguio City 2002 Permanent  
      Loneza G. Carbonel  16-Jun-99 Associate Professor III-21 CSP BS Math UC Baguio  1985 Permanent

      MAED UCV Tuguegarao 1998
      MA Math MMSU Laog 2009
      PhD KASC On-going  
      Carolyn O. Colangao 1-Feb-17 Instructor I-12 LET BSED History BCU Baguio City  1997 Temporary  
      Brian S. Cunal 2-Feb-17 Instructor 1-12 CS BSIT SLCB Tabuk City  2014 Temporary  
      Norfredo M. Dulay 1-Jun-90 Professor VI-29 PD907 AB Political Science KASC 1989 Permanent
      Associate in Secretarial Science SWA 1973
      MBA St. Paul University 1992
      PhD Community Development UP Los Banos/KASC 2002
      Gemalyn D. Liwaliw 1-Sep-17 Instructor I-12 LET BSED Filipino KASC 2010 Permanent
      Raymundo N. Mamma 1-Jan-15 Instructor I-12 LET BA Political Science/Philo Trinity University of Asia 1989 Permanent
      MAT Soc. Stud. KASC 2008
      LLb University of Cagayan Valley 1996
      PhD KASC On-going  
      Dennis P. Ocampo 16-Dec-16 Instructor I-12 LET AB English KASC 2014 Permanent
      Hopelyn E. Operio 5-Apr-17 Instructor I-12 LET P.E USL Tuguegarao City 2002 Temporary  
      Odette C. Pannogan 1-Jul-13 Instructor III-14 LET BA Communication SLU Baguio 2004 Permanent  
      CSP MED English KASC  2011
      Abigail B. Quimosing 29-Nov-16 Instructor I-12 LET AB English Language KASC 2013 Permanent  
      Leo B. Roman 8-Nov-13 Instructor I-12 LET BSED Gen. Science KASC 2003 Permanent  
      MAED Edu. Mng. KASC 2007
      Jessie Grace M. Sannadan 20-Sep-04 Professor III-26 PBET BSED History SLU Baguio 1990 Permanent   
      PD907 MAED KASC 2007
      CSP PhD Dev. Edu. KASC 2012
      Jovelyn P. Suma-al 1-Feb-17 Instructor I-12 LET AB History KASC 2011 Temporary  
      Desiree L. Sumedca 16-Dec-16 Instructor I-12 LET AB History KASC 2014 Permanent  
      Rodolfo B. Tucay, Jr. 1-Feb-17 Instructor I-12 PD907 AB Political Science KASC 2011 Temporary
      Steve S. Uy 3-Oct-03 Assistant Professor IV-18 PBET AB Economics St. Paul University 1983 Permanent
      MAED Edu. Mng. University of Cagayan Valley 1995
      PhD Dev. Edu. University of Cagayan Valley 1999
      Johnny D. Wayet 1-Jul-15 Instructor I-12 LET AB Political Science St. Louis College of Tug. (now USL) 1994 Permanent
      MAT Soc. Stud. KASC 2008
      LLb KASC 2016
      PhD Dev. Educ.  KASC On-going