A Welcome Message from the College Dean


The College of Education has gone a long way since its humble beginnings in 1978. It has contributed a lot in the development of the Province of Kalinga by giving the people the opportunity to be trained as teachers. We are proud to say that most of our teachers within and in nearby places of the province are graduates of our College.

We are at present engaging ourselves to produce teachers who are resilient and can adhere to global changes. We aspire to delve on activities  and strategies; and a well - developed curriculum to address the needs of the millennial. Most particularly on gender equality and just recently to focus our educative processes for sustainable development.

We engage our students as well  in researches that can in one way or the other preserve our culture. That through their researches they will be able to record, document and share to the world the beauty of the people who fought to preserve their identity.

May you then find your way in our College someday, for us to share knowledge, values, culture, and other undertakings that will make us understand each other’s uniqueness but somehow will bring us together and be a part in developing God fearing, nature loving, and people oriented teachers.


College Dean