Welcome to the “Home of Agroforesters”, the Kalinga State University – Rizal Campus. We offer an undergraduate program, Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry which aimed to prepare professionals with general competencies in carrying out the science, art and business of a dynamic and interactive process of production management and utilization of trees and other woody perennials, agriculture crops and/or animals and soils and related environment in the same units of land arranged either zonally, mixed simultaneously or sequentially for the twin purpose of conservation and socio-economic productivity.

            Aside from the degree program, KSU – RC offers a wide range of training covering the whole range of Agroforestry, Agriculture and Environmental Science.

            The faculty members are dedicated and committed to serve the clientele in proving services that are functional, accurate, systematic and timely.

            We affirm our commitment in presenting the wholistic approach to our clienteles exemplified in the goals and objectives of our programs to the attainment of the Vision and Mission of the Institution.

            We strive to the best in the field of Agroforestry and give our assurance to our clientele, parents and the community to become knowledgeable, accountable and selfless civil servants.

            Again, Welcome to your new home.




     Campus Administrator