A Welcome Message from the College Dean

Environmental Greetings

The College of Forestry of the Kalinga State University is a place where the pursuit of knowledge meets the commitment to environmental stewardship. Our college stands as a beacon of excellence in instruction, research, and extension, driven by the overarching goal of promoting sustainable resources, ecological services, and fostering environmentally friendly practices within our community.

In the realm of instruction, our dedicated faculty members strive to impart cutting-edge knowledge and skills to our students, preparing them to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world. We take pride in offering a curriculum that not only emphasizes the core principles of forestry but also integrates the latest advancements in sustainable practices. Through our academic programs, we aim to cultivate a cadre of future leaders and professionals who are equipped to contribute meaningfully to the conservation and sustainable management of our precious natural resources.

Our commitment to research is unwavering, as we actively engage in groundbreaking studies that address critical issues in forestry and environmental science. From exploring innovative forestry techniques to investigating the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, our research initiatives are geared towards generating knowledge that can inform policy, shape industry practices, and contribute to the global discourse on sustainable development. Our esteemed faculty members, alongside enthusiastic students, collaborate on projects that have far-reaching implications for the field.

Extension is a vital aspect of our mission, and we actively seek to bridge the gap between academia and the wider community. Through outreach programs, workshops, and partnerships with local stakeholders, we endeavor to share our expertise and findings with the broader public. By fostering these connections, we not only contribute to the betterment of our local environment but also promote a sense of shared responsibility for the well-being of our planet.




College ofForestry