WELCOME: Dean's Message

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts, the intellectual heart of the Kalinga State University. We offer unparalleled academic choice and unlimited opportunities for success. As the academic core of the Kalinga State University, the College of Liberal Arts fosters educational excellence, intellectual inquiry, discovery and unmatched access through our three (3) unique degree programs in the social sciences and humanities.

The College has three (3) undergraduate majors in English Language, History and Political Science housed in three (3) departments. We encourage our students to pioneer solutions to society’s most pressing issues and concerns. We accomplish this by inspiring our students to be socially aware, critical thinkers and global citizens who create and bring about the positive change in the world.

We also draw inspiration from the constantly evolving world to redefine Liberal Arts Education. Our forward-thinking approach transcends traditional academic boundaries and our diversity of programs serve as incubator for personal growth and development in the field of English Language, History and Political Science.

The College has been my home for a decade and I am optimistic our trajectory will meet the time-honored and critical mission of educating citizens who will tackle the challenges of the modern society. Moreover, we have the opportunity to improve the lives of all our students. We strive also to fulfill the potential of our talented and dedicated faculty with the support of alumni, parents and other stakeholders of the College.