The University Library commits to be:

  1. An information center that provides quality service concerned with the enhancement of its collection, facilities and staff and serves as a catalyst in disseminating quality information needed by its users.
  2. A library that is interconnected with other libraries, agencies and foundations.



Assist its clientele, especially the students, in their academic and personal development, through the provision of updated resources and services in order to effectively participate in the attainment of the institutional mission, and to be more responsive to information demands.


  1. To support the university in carrying out its mission through continuous development of its collections, services, facilities and staff.
  2. To support the total program of the university by acquiring and making available library materials and services.
  3. To endeavor to instill reading habits and develop in students independent research work, critical analysis of books and other library resources.

  4. To complete the library automation and to develop a full-service electronic & automated library system to achieve a digital electronic access library.

  5. Make an information drive on resources of the library through orientation programs.

  6. Accommodate outside researchers as one of the services of the university to the community.