Library Policy

Loaning Privileges and Policies

  • A student may borrow a maximum of 3 books of different titles at one time for overnight on school days; a maximum of 5 books of different titles at one time for overnight before the weekends. A borrower is responsible for the proper use and safety of all library materials charged to his/her name.
  • Reserved books maybe borrowed for room use only for a maximum of 1 hour & can be renewed for another hour if there is no prior request for them.
  • Fiction books can be borrowed for a maximum of 3 days. Students can still borrow non-fiction books even if they have already borrowed fiction books. They only have to inform the person on-duty at the Circulation Area.
  • General reference, periodicals, & theses are for room use only.
  • For students who have thesis, they are allowed to borrow 3 to 5 books for 1 week, provided said books are not in demand.


Lost Book

     The loss of a book (purchased or donation) that is on loan must be reported immediately to any of the Library Staff. A form shall be filled to be submitted to the Director of Library Services for proper assessment.

     A lost book must either be:

  • Pay the recent price of the book, its accumulated fines and additional processing fee of P50.  
  • Replaced with similar title having the latest edition with the accumulated fine and the processing fee.
  • Lost book should be settled within 1 week after the case was reported.
  • Library materials damaged beyond normal usage must be replaced with the same title with additional processing fee of P50.



     If a student fails to return borrowed book on its due date or due time, he has deprived another student from using the said book. Hence, the best way to remind students to return books on time is to impose a fine.

Overdue materials are charged with overdue fines. Saturdays, (for those who do not have classes on Saturdays only) Sundays and Holidays are not included in the computations of overdue fines.

Books for home use may be loaned at 3:30 PM and must be returned the following day not later than 8:30 AM.


Proper Conduct/Decorum in the Library

  • Silence must be observed upon entering the library.
  • When entering the Circulation Section, students are requested to present their library I.D. and Borrowers Card. The “No Library I.D., NO entry” policy must be observed at all times.
  • Courtesy must be practiced in the library especially when borrowing and returning library materials.
  • No bags, folders, notebooks, and personal books maybe brought into the Circulation Section & Periodical Section however, the library shall not be held responsible for any lost of personal belongings of the users.
  • Library equipments (pens, stapler, etc.) are exclusively for library use only.
  • Instructors who want to utilize the library for their classes must inform the librarian beforehand so as so to determine the availability of space in the library.
  • Eating, sleeping, smoking, vandalizing library properties and other forms of misbehavior inside the library are punishable according to KSU rules and regulations.
  • The Library personnel have the right to: a). Ask users to leave the library if they are inappropriately dressed or are causing disturbance; b). Remove any book, file, bag, food or any other personal belongings left on the reading tables.
  • Use of mobile phones is not allowed in the library. They should be switch off or in “silent mode” before entering the library.