Library Sections

A. General Circulation/Foreign Section

Books in this section are usually to be read completely. They can be read inside the library or can be borrowed for overnight.

B. Filipiniana Section

It is a very rich collection of information about the Philippines. Books in this section are authored by Filipino authors and/or books about the Philippines.

C. Reserved Section

It consists of books which are in demand and limited of copies. This type of books are for ROOM USE ONLY/ and for photo duplication, with a maximum period of 30 minutes.

D. Cordillera Section

It consist of collection of books which is about the local Heritage, History, and Culture of the Cordilleras.It is located at 2nd Floor of KSU Main Library.

E. General Reference Section

This section consists of general reference books such as encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, dictionaries, and etc. are usually referred to the specific piece/s of information. Reference books are for ROOM USE ONLY.

F. Fiction Section

Consists of novel books or references which are fictitious. This includes a variety of well selected stories and novels written by famous local and foreign authors that are available for recreational reading.

G. Periodicals/Serials Section

It is located at the 2nd floor of the Main Library; it consists of local and foreign journals, magazines, newspapers, maps, vertical files and etc. These materials are for ROOM USE ONLY.

H. E-Library Section

To maintain its role as a public provider of information, E-Library is located at the ground floor and 2nd floor of the Main Library, and available in all different Library Campuses.

E-books/ journals Collections are stored in electronic media formats, accessible through the internet; students can surf e-books/journals for free.

I. Archive Section

Consist of collections which depict the history of the school. It is located at 2nd Floor of KSU Main Library.

J. Educational Media/Audio-Visual Section

It is located at the Main Library ground floor, where students learn through multi-media materials.

K. Discussion Room

It is located at ground floor of KSU Main Library.This room serves as a venue for researchers to discuss and work together.