Readers’ Services









     Libraries do not exist in vacuum. They exist to provide quality services to their users in satisfying their needs. In order to cater to the needs of the users, guided by standards and procedures, the reader services aim to assist and interact directly with the users to be acquainted with their library needs and problems.

     This service is done personally by the librarians and they are directly involved in serving library clientele.

Circulation Services

     Lending and returning items in the collection is very important part of the library’s work. The circulation involves lending, renewal, maintenance of books, maintenance of statistics and survey of users needs.

Referral Services

     When there is a need for library materials that is not available in KSU libraries, the researcher is referred to other libraries.  KSU students/ Faculty/ Personnel are furnished with a request letter prepared by the college librarian addressed to the librarian of the institution where the researcher wishes to visit. 

 KSU Libraries reciprocate this service by allowing qualified researchers from other institutions to use our library resources.

Reference Services

     The librarian answers questions of users and provide clientele the needed materials. It is expected that a reference librarian must be well versed on the different reference tools, knows the current issues and events and must have a good background on general education. The task range from finding the answers particular questions, or even performing extensive searches to maintaining a good reference collection, and assisting clients to find information themselves.


  • Multimedia Services

The Library aspires to deliver the needs of the academic community taking into consideration all formats available in the market, though at the moment, other AV materials are still to be acquired. The AVR is equipped with a 25” television set, a DVD player, multimedia/LCD projectors, desktop computers and CDs.

  • Internet Services

The use of internet is available to all library patrons. Internet section of the library renders/gives global access to various information needs of library patrons via terminals.

  • Photocopying Services

The photocopying services is at the ground floor of the library.

  • Promotional Services

It is important that the library promotes its services to all its potential clients, so that it is well used and its value appreciated. It involves the following activities:

1. Displays

List of newly acquired books are displayed at the Bulletin Board.

Newly acquired books are displayed at the Reserve Section before they are shelved at their perspective section.

2. Current Awareness Bulletin

The library bulletin contains news about library details of new services, list of new acquisitions and other items likely of interest to library costumers.

3. Newspaper Clipping

Library staff prepares newspapers clippings, and are shelved at the Periodical Section of the library.

4. Library Orientation

An orientation on the proper use of the library facilities is   given at the beginning of the school year to all students. The library policies are given and explained.  Library orientation and tour is also done in cooperation with English classes/teachers and upon proper coordination with the librarian.