Dormitory Services

     The dormitory service of the school provides smooth and effective quality services to its clientele. Policies are hereby outlined for implementation to ensure order and safety among the dormitorians including the proper upkeep and maintenance of all dormitory facilities. Dorm occupants must adhere to the following policies and guidelines:
Policies and Guidelines:
Any student of KSU seeking to stay in the dormitory must be interviewed by the dormitory in-charge;
Applicants who passed the interview and the screening shall fill up an application form;
Duly filled up application form shall be signed by the in-charge to be presented to the accounting office as basis for payment of dorm fee amounting to P500 per month inclusive of light and water;
He/She must abide by all the following house rules set forth by the in-charge;
  • Must provide his/her beddings, kitchen wares and utensils, etc and is personally responsible for their proper upkeep and safety;
  • Observe the proper use, care and maintenance of all dorm facilities like the comfort rooms, bath room, cabinets, lockers, and other furniture and fixtures provided thereat;
  • Help in the maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation of the dormitory and its premises;
  • Observe at all times conservation measure and safety practices such as switching off lights, putting off electronic gadgets and equipment (radio, flat irons, and electric fans) and the closing of water faucets and the like when not in use.
  • Must be courteous at all times and shall give due respect to the property and  personal belongings of others;
  • Must fill up and sign properly the logbook whenever leaving the dormitory except when going to school to attend classes;
  • Observe the curfew hour set by school authorities at 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM. In case a dormitorian goes out and return back within the curfew period, he/she must secure a pass slip duly signed by the in-charge, which will serve as her passport guard on duty;
Visitors of any dormitorian must abide by the following regulations:
  • Observe curfew hours and the approved visiting schedule;
  • No male visitors are allowed to enter the rooms of the ladies;
  • Visitors are to be entertained only at the lobby or at the receiving room;
  • Parents or guardians may be allowed to sleep overnight subject to house rules;
  • Visitors must fill up and sign the logbook of visitors for record purpose;
  • Visitors under the influence of liquor are not allowed to visit at the dormitory;
  • One room in the dormitory is reserved for transient visitors with a corresponding fee;
  • In case of trouble, especially in tribal conflict, it is the responsibility of everybody to  protect her fellow dormitorians;              
Any religious group or sect seeking to hold services in the dormitory must first seek the approval of the in-charge and present their schedule of activities. Services should not exceed the curfew hours at night time. If possible, religious activities must be scheduled  during weekends to lessen the disturbance of non-members.