Cordillera's shout for Regional Autonomy : KSU takes the lead

Gathering support for the passage of Regional Autonomy, University students, youth leaders, KSU staff and personnel, visitors, and distinguished guests celebrate the 2023 Cordillera Regional Autonomy Summit and Youth Fora at the Kalinga State University gymnasium today

Having the Theme " Garnering People Support for Regional Autonomy towards Inclusive and Sustainable Regional Development," KSU University President Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang extends his Welcome Remarks through his representative, Dr. Marilou Adora, KSu Vice President for Academics. The message conveys that "Embarking on a journey of dialogue, collaboration, and innovation as we strive for a future of shared prosperity and sustainable growth in our beautiful Cordillera Region, each active participation is crucial in sharing the path towards autonomy, fostering inclusivity, and building a sustainable foundation of generations to come and as well as may this summit and fora be a platform for meaningful exchanges, forging connections and laying the groundwork for United and empowered cordillera."

Audiences were likewise been inspired by our Provincial leaders as Hon. Governor James S. Edduba, represented by Former Counsilor Atty. Zoraida Wacnang expresses how the governor proactively supports our shout for Regional Autonomy. Highlighting the important role of the youths is a part of his message, as he mentions that the "youth's vibrant energy and adaptiveness to modern technology, particularly on social media and other web platforms, stand as the torchbearers of change. The youth's voices echo far beyond our mountains, reaching the corners that we've never touched, and their influences in this digital age extend beyond physical borders. Let the youth embrace this power of responsibility and use the platforms as a megaphone for the collective dreams of the Cordillera people. Let our unity resound in every tweet, resonate with every post, and echo every shared story".

Moreover, Hon. Congressman Allen Jesse C. Mangaoang, represented by his office Chief of Staff, Mr. Regie Wacas, congratulates the planners and organizers of this Regional Autonomy Summit. He mentions "the need to explore all strategic approaches to expand the education campaign on the proposed Autonomous Region 'for the Cordillera. Having a limited understanding, reaching out to all the sectors of society will certainly increase the level of appreciation and, consequently, the chances of its ratification. Emphasizing the pertinent provisions of House Bill No. 3627 and the strategic plans that they conceptualized for the speedy passage of the bill, our will toward Regional Autonomy will have more power in the control and supervision over the exploration, utilization, development, and protection of our lands, our forest, our water and mineral resources, thus will make a symbolic affirmation of our commitment to a more inclusive and just society".

Furthermore, various LGU mayors expressed their message through video clips so as with Senator Robin Padilla and Sec. Lope B. Santos III, Lead Convenor, National Anti-Poverty Commission. Mr. Oliver Mendoza representing the Acting City Mayor DICK G. Bal-o, on the other hand, emphasized as well how the City LGU firmly advocates Regional Autonomy.

Taking into note these fruitful messages from our provincial leaders, NEDA-CAR, Mr. Aries Dos M. Campos, presented the Cordillera Development Plan to express further how regional autonomy works and continues to garner trust, support, and understanding towards Regional Autonomy.

Part I of the momentous event ended after the awarding of winners for the different categories of contested events took part, followed by the simultaneous signing of the Manifesto of support to establish the Cordillera Autonomous Region.