Distribution of Student Monetary Assistance for Recovery and Transition (SMART) Beneficiaries

The Student Monetary Assistance for Recovery and Transition (SMART) is a one-time financial assistance program provided by CHED Chairperson, J. Prospero E. De Vera III to the Fifty (50) deserving selected students in the University. The beneficiaries received Twenty-Five Thousand Pesos (25, 000).

Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, University President in his opening message gave a brief overview of the assistance, how it was given to the university, and extended his profound gratitude to CHED Chairperson De Vera for providing Fifty (50) slots to the students in the University.

The SMART grantees will not only lighten their financial burden but instead it is a valuable stepping stone for them to reach their goals and continuously pursue their dreams to make it come true.

“Kalinga has a special place in the heart of Popoy De Vera since he was an adapted SON of the Province of Kalinga” Dr. Demetrio P. Anduyan Jr. CHED- CAR Regional Director said in his inspirational message.

Director Anduyan further congratulated KSU for the WURI awards received, the launching of ETEEAP program and praised President Bagtang for his excellent leadership.

In her response, Ms. Learmie Gayle P. Bula-ay, a student grantee said, “Your generosity beyond kindness will never be forgotten for a reason that our success will also be your success and we will always treasure the blessings given by the heroes behind the stage.”

Ms. Bula-ay expressed her gratitude to all organizers of this SMART program, who were the catalysts for positive change in the lives of the students and being a great aspiration to the young minds.

Dr. Mary Joyce Wangiwang, Director for Student and Placement Services, encouraged the parents and guardians to continuously support their dreams of becoming what they wish to become in life. She also told the students to use it wisely for their school needs.

Dr. Wangiwang expressed her gratitude to CHED, the people behind the program who truly made a difference in the dreams of the student beneficiaries.