Empowering Security Personnel: SAFE Skills Project Culminates in Success

The SAFE Skills project, initiated by Kalinga State University's College of Criminal Justice Education and the Department of Languages, in collaboration with the Provincial Local Government of Kalinga and the Criminologist Association of the Philippines-Kalinga Chapter, reaches its conclusion yesterday, March 14, 2024. Launched in November 2023, the project aimed to enhance the skill set of security personnel within the Provincial Local Government.

The training initiative was focused on improving communication effectiveness, investigation and report writing, industrial security management, and gun safety and marksmanship. During the culmination, the Chancellor and President of PCAP-Kalinga Atty. Francis Calsiyao urged participants to apply their newfound knowledge in their workplaces, expressing hope that the training would bolster their efficiency and effectiveness as security guards.

Chief Security Officer Mr. Simeon Bentican extended gratitude to Kalinga State University and its extension unit, the PCAP Kalinga and the Provincial Governor, Hon. James S. Edduba for their unwavering support to this initiative. He emphasized the readiness of the Provincial Security Group to execute their duties more effectively following the training.

Testimonials from participants Mr. Richard Anniban, Ms. Imelda S. Cos-Agon, and Mr. Sonny Mangwag underscored the value they gained from the workshops, acknowledging that they now recognize the importance of continuous learning.

Overall coordinator Lourdes Adeline Nicole Cosmiano expressed satisfaction with the project's success, emphasizing the university's role in empowering the community as part of its mandate.

Dr. Mary Grace Ignacio, the Dean of CCJE and project leader, expressed eagerness to continue serving the community through similar initiatives in the future.