Kalinga Elder Gomowang and Fr. Berme lead CHOMCHOMOG and BLESSING of the Performing Arts Theatre and Road Network

Before the official inauguration of the recently completed Road Network and Performing Arts Theatre, an important ritual was performed to invoke divine blessings and safeguard the projects. This significant ceremony was led by two distinguished individuals, Kalinga Elder Vicente Gomowang and Father Gerald Berme.

The ritual, known as "Chomchomog," holds deep cultural and spiritual significance within the Kalinga community. Ama Vicente, a respected Kalinga Elder, described it as a sacred ceremony conducted to seek the benevolent favor of "Kabunyan," the divine deity. The primary objectives of the Chomchomog ritual are to fortify the structural integrity of the building and road, preventing any unforeseen incidents, and to purify the environment by dispelling malevolent spirits and omens.

Father Gerald Berme, representing the Apostolic Vicariate of Tabuk, conducted a parallel blessing, guided by his own religious beliefs and traditions. While the methods employed by these two leaders may differ, their ultimate purpose remains in perfect alignment—to invoke the blessings of the Divine.

The coordination of these spiritual practices illustrates a harmonious convergence of culture and faith, as both leaders, in their unique ways, sought to ensure the protection and prosperity of these vital community assets. The Chomchomog ritual and the religious blessings, though distinct, symbolize the shared objective of securing divine protection and guidance for the completed Road Network and Performing Arts Theatre. This melding of cultural and spiritual elements stands as an evidence to the unity and reverence for the community's well-being, reinforcing the bonds that bridge tradition and religion.