Kalinga State University Bestows Honorary Daughterhood upon CHED Commissioner Marita R. Canapi with Native Name “LUFIGAY”

Kalinga State University highlighted the inaugural program of the two completed projects with the adoption of CHED Commissioner Marita R. Canapi as the daughter of Kalinga with the Native name “LUFIGAY” which means an inspiration to the sons and daughters of the Ykalinga people who pursued their dreams in the Higher Education during and after the American Colonization.

The adoption carries with it a profound significance, granting Commissioner Canapi all the privileges associated with the esteemed title of a daughter of the Kalinga province. It extends her protection under the venerable Bodong justice system.

The formal adoption took place on October 20, 2023, following a motion put forth by the Honorable Antonio A. Bakilan during a special session of the 10th Sagguniang Panlalawigan of Kalinga, held at the Legislative Building, Session Hall, Bulanao, Tabuk City, Kalinga.

In her gracious response, Commissioner Marita R. Canapi expressed her profound sense of honor and privilege for the warm hospitality extended not only by KSU but the entire Kalinga province. “While I'm here, my heart and mind belong to this province, and my duty is to embrace and immerse myself in the rich cultures, traditions, and norms.” She added.

Commissioner Canapi added that she thought of coming to KSU to simply facilitate and share the board meetings of the five (5) SUCs in the Cordillera but a surprise to be adopted by the province for the first time in her life. “I am honored that I did not get elsewhere in the country.”

Her speech emphasized the significant achievements in the university, particularly in the realm of road infrastructure and the performing arts theater. These developments were a testament to the visionary leadership of President Eduardo Bagtang.

Commissioner Canapi concluded by expressing her excitement at the progress made at Kalinga State University, a testimony to its growth and prosperity. “I feel the excitement as well because the president has shown me the beautiful developments that we have done at Kalinga State University in or even outside of my leadership as Chair of the Board of Regents”.