Kalinga State University conducts Comprehensive Orientation on Revised Merit Selection Plan

Kalinga State conducted an orientation session on the recently revised Merit Selection Plan, gathering university officials and members of the Personnel Selection Board (PSB), on February 15, 2024, at the Research and Development Hall.

The primary objective of this initiative was to provide a detailed understanding of the policies and guidelines outlined in the approved Merit Selection Plan.

Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, the University President, emphasized the importance of aligning discretion with the established principles and guidelines during the applicants’ screening process.

Dr. Romualdo U. Wacas, the University Chief Administrative Officer, presented the policies embedded within the Merit Selection Plan, duly sanctioned by the Civil Service Commission. He underscored the university's commitment to upholding Equal Employment Opportunity while ensuring that candidates fulfill the stipulated minimum requirements.

Subsequently, Dr. Joy Grace P. Doctor, the University Vice President for Administration and Finance, presented the roles and responsibilities of the Human Resource Merit and Selection Board.

Mr. Jay Lapuz, the University Supervising Administrative Officer, provided a detailed overview of the recruitment procedures and the dissemination process through publication and posting.

After the presentations, an interactive open forum facilitated the clarification of queries raised by attendees, ensuring a thorough comprehension of the presentations.

The insights garnered from this orientation will be systematically cascaded to all employees across the university, fostering a culture of adherence to the Merit Selection Plan's principles and guidelines.