Kalinga State University Conducts Management Review for AY 2023-2024

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement and quality assurance, Kalinga State University conducted an annual management review today at the Research and Development Conference Hall. This review is integral to evaluating the university's Quality Management System (QMS) and identifying opportunities for enhancement. The management review ensures the effectiveness and adequacy of the current QMS, focusing on potential areas for improvement.

Key activities during the management review include:

Monitoring and responding to customer reviews and inquiries.

Identifying areas for improvement within the university's processes.

Addressing customer issues in a timely and transparent manner.

The review is facilitated by the Quality Assurance Office and the University ISO Office, under the leadership of Dr. Rhonda Vail Leyaley and Dr. Ronald Wacas, respectively. The event is attended by university officials, ensuring comprehensive participation and oversight in the review process.

This systematic approach underscores KSU's dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and fostering an environment of continuous improvement.