Kalinga State University Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Consultation

In accordance with statutory and regulatory mandates, Kalinga State University convened a Budget Consultation session for Fiscal Year 2025 today. The aim of this consultation was to meticulously craft and refine the university's budgetary framework, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and operational necessities. The outcome of this consultation will be formally presented at the Regional Budget Consultation scheduled for February 27 in Baguio City, where it will undergo rigorous evaluation and approval processes.

It was attended by the university officials, representatives from the local board, officers from the Central Student Government (CSG) and Supreme Student Council (SSC), as well as the presidents of both civil society organizations and the Kalinga State University Employees Association. Their collective expertise and perspectives played a constitutive role in shaping the proposed budget.

Guided by the National Budget Memorandum, the budgetary deliberations adhered to established fiscal guidelines and best practices. The proposed budget, amounting to 1.3 billion pesos, reflects a comprehensive assessment of institutional needs, academic priorities, and resource allocation strategies.

This collaborative effort emphasized Kalinga State University's commitment to prudent financial management, transparency, and stakeholder engagement. By fostering a culture of accountability and inclusivity, we aim to optimize the utilization of resources and advance our mission of academic excellence, research innovation, and community service.