Kalinga State University (KSU) Officials actively participated in the 29th Kalinga Founding Anniversary and 5th Bodong Festival Grand Kick-Off today.

The event was enriched by the special involvement of selected students from KSU-Laboratory Senior High School, who presented a captivating performance featuring a song and dance of solidarity. This artistic showcase, led by our local artist Maurico Patongao, added a touch of cultural grace to the celebration.

The participation of the students in this event was orchestrated at the request of the Provincial IPMR, Honorable Michael Sugguiyao. The coordination and facilitation of the students were efficiently managed by KSU-Laboratory High School Principal, Ms. Sudemai Pauline Buen, and overseen by the University Sports Director, Ms. May Shui Buslig.

This participation showed the university's commitment to cultural enrichment and community engagement and its active involvement in commemorating significant local activities and fostering a sense of unity within the province.