Kalinga State University Launches Fiscal Year 2024 with Inspirational Flag Ceremony

January 02, 2024 – Kalinga State University kicked off Fiscal Year 2024 with a flag ceremony held in front of the administrative building, sponsored by the college clerks.

The second segment of the program unfolded at the Bantayog Area, where university officials shared updates from their respective offices.

Mr. Danilo T. Buen, the Director for Finance, extended congratulations to the university family for successfully meeting the 100% target of the 2023 budget. Additionally, he offered insights into the 2024 financial plan, set to be presented during the upcoming university strategic planning session.

Dr. Romualdo U. Wacas, Chief Administrative Officer, proudly announced that all 109 non-teaching positions created from ROSS were filled by December 2023, including the presentation of thirteen (13) promoted heads of offices during the ceremony.

Dr. Rhonda Veil Leyaley, Director for Quality Assurance, delved into the significance of operations manuals, the implementation of the 5s methodology, and stressed the importance of adhering to the prescribed processes outlined in the operations manuals of various offices to achieve quality performances.

Mr. Antonio Pang-ay from the registrar's office reminded the employees of the schedule of enrolment for first semester, Curriculum year 2024-2025 and further explained the mode of enrolment for wider disseminations.

Meanwhile, University President Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang emphasized the value of initiative in the workplace and the continuous practice of fostering a culture of respect among all employees. "Let us embark on the fiscal year with initiative and uphold the culture of respect in our interactions." In his concluding message, he encouraged the university employees to start the year right