Kalinga State University Triumphs in Stage 1 ISO 9001:2015 Audit, Sets Sights on Stage 2 Success

Kalinga State University achieved a breakthrough as it successfully cleared the Stage 1 Audit for International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2015). The audit, conducted by Worldwide Quality Assurance Phil. on October 20, 2023, showcased the university's dedication to quality and excellence in its mandates of Instruction, Research, and Extension.

The audit process was conducted with utmost professionalism, overseen by two equally competitive external auditors, Ms. Florida Cornejo and Mr. Homer Alcon. The university's commitment to quality assurance, coupled with the outstanding work of both Auditees and external auditors, led to this impressive outcome.

Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, the University President, reiterated the university's commitment to achieving excellence in its core areas, including Instruction, Research, and Extension. He further expressed his gratitude to both the External Auditors and Auditees and to all faculty, staff and students who contributed to the success of this endeavor.

Dr. Ronald U. Wacas, The University Chairman for ISO, expressed his confidence that the university is well-prepared for the upcoming Stage 2 audit, building upon the glaring success of Stage 1.

This accomplishment is an exemplification to Kalinga State University's pursuit to delivering high-quality education, research, and community service, and it serves as a stepping stone towards their future goals in ISO standardization.