KSU commences ComSEP- LEA with KPPO

Designed to enhance police communication skills which is necessary for police and law enforcement professionals to effectively communicate with the daily performance of their mission, “to serve and protect, KSU commenced its project with KPPO on Communication Skills Enhancement Program for Law Enforcement Agency (ComSEP-LEA) today at the Research and Development Conference Hall.

Dr. Ernesto T. Miguel, Vice president for Research, Extension, and Development in his welcome message gave emphasis on KSU’s partnership where technical expertise of the university will be used through bringing about extension services to the community.

University President, Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, expressed his words of commitment by emphasizing on life-long learning which KSU is assured to provide in partnership with KPPO.

On the other hand, sharing his experiences in his working with the Presidential Management Task Force during the administration of the late Pres. Fidel V. Ramos is one way to motivate the participants and enhance commitment in this endeavor.

Bagtang extended his gratitude to Kalinga Provincial Director, PCOL Charles L. Domallig for his sincere support to the project.

Meanwhile, PCOL Charles L. Domallig with his expression of commitment, assured that through the MOA, he re-affirmed KPPO’s partnership with KSU in all the series of this project.

Domallig, before the MOA signing, expressed his gratefulness and assurance of his full support to the project.

The MOA signing was done with the presence of PCOL Charles L. Domallig, PLTCOL Jacob Dangpason, PCAPT Diezel Gilfilan, Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, Dr. Ernesto T. Miguel, Dr. Raquel Dulliyao, Dr. Bernadette C. Aggabao,Dr. Irene S. Calsiyao, Ms. Nicole Cosmiano, the technical working group and the participants from KPPO.

Initiated by the Department of Languages, Series of activities that are lined -up for the project include Bulletproof Writing with Dr. Irene Calsiyao, Ms. Rose Mukay and Ms. Lourdes Adeline Nicole Cosmiano as the project leaders; Gender- Fair Language and other GAD related series of Seminar with Project leaders,Ms. Irene Daguasi, Dr. Irene Calsiyao and Ms. Jovila Gayagay; Public Speaking and Program Facilitation with Dr. Ruth Ladwingon, Ms. Lailani Banggawan, Ms. Geraldine Baluyan and Ms. Mayshein Balagso and Infographics and Report design which covers general police report writing skills along plain English instruction using social media and other platforms to post activities and announcement of the agency with team leaders, Ms. Mary June Wacas, Dr. Ruth Ladwingon and Ms. Jehiaochin Barambangan.

Today’s commencement of the project was highlighted with prominent Resource Speaker, Atty. Francis B. Calsiyao, Chief PAO-Kalinga who discussed on Police Correspondence to the Court and Judicial Forms and their Legal Basis./UIO