KSU Criminology, Political Science, and Public Administration Students Attend Bodong Congress

The Province of Kalinga on February 10-11, 2024, hosting one of the most significant events of the year: the Bodong Congress. Held at the Kalinga Sports Complex, this congress is one of the highlights of the 29th Kalinga Founding Anniversary and the 5th Bodong Festival, drawing in thousands of participants. Among the attendees were students and faculty members from Kalinga State University (KSU), particularly those from the Criminology, Political Science, and Public Administration and Indigenous Governance departments, along with designated faculty focal persons.

The congress showcased the presentation of amendments to the Unified Pagta and the ratification of the Unified Pagta 2024. This ratification, overwhelmingly voted for adoption by the majority of Bodong Holders, signifies a significant step towards fostering peace, justice, and the preservation of Kalinga's rich cultures.

In addition to representatives from various Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives (IPMRs), governmental offices, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and civic societies, leaders from different tribes, uniformed men, as well as observers from different higher education institutions (HEIs) in the province, graced the event.

Governor Edduba, in his address, emphasized the congress's importance in fostering unity among the many tribes of Kalinga, promoting peace, justice, and cultural heritage preservation.

Edubba also acknowledged the contributions of two former top officials of the province, Atty. Lawrence Wacnang and Atty. Macario Duguiang, who staunchly advocated for the Kalinga Bodong System.

Among the distinguished guests was Kalinga Congressman Honorable Jessie Mangaoang, who pledged full support for the initiative from its inception, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing peace and justice within the province.

The presence and active participation of KSU students and faculty members in this congress not only showed their commitment to academic excellence but also showcased their dedication to contributing positively to the socio-cultural fabric of Kalinga. As they return to their classrooms, they carry with them valuable insights and experiences gained from this momentous event, poised to become ambassadors for peace, justice, and cultural preservation in their respective communities and beyond.