KSU Earns Spot in World University Innovation Rankings for Three Consecutive Years: A Beacon of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Crisis Management

Kalinga State University has achieved a remarkable milestone by being ranked among the top 151-200 most innovative universities worldwide for World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI) 2024 for the third time. This recognition highlights the university's commitment to advancing education, research, and development on a global scale.

It has recently garnered global acclaim for its pioneering initiatives in various categories of innovation. As an attestation to its commitment to excellence and societal impact, KSU has secured notable positions in the prestigious rankings of the World's Most Innovative Universities.

Cultivating Legacy Through Innovation
KSU's project "YOOKAH: Cultivating Legacy" ranks within the top 5 globally in the Innovation in Promotion (Symbol) category and holds the second position in the Philippines. This remarkable achievement is the result of the dedicated efforts of proponents Sharmaine D. Codiam, Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, Mark Stephen Ballog, and Christine Liggayo. Their innovative approach has significantly advanced the university’s mission to foster a legacy of continuous improvement and cultural heritage preservation. Dr. Pinky Larcelle Gas-ib's insightful writing has helped in articulating the profound impact of this initiative.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Driving Progress
In the realm of entrepreneurial spirit, KSU has made impressive strides with its program entry "STAIRWAYS TO P.R.O.G.R.E.S.S.: Promoting Rural Opportunities for Green Economic Sustainability and Security." This initiative has been recognized as the 8th best globally, while securing the second spot in the Philippines. The program, developed by Dr. Karen Duyan, Angeline Labbutan, Gretchen Bangguiyac, along with faculty from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) and the College of Entrepreurship, Tourism and Hotel Management (CETHM), aims to stimulate rural economic growth through sustainable and secure green practices. Dr. Ruth L. Ladwingon's eloquent writing has played a crucial role in highlighting the significance and impact of this program.

Empowering Women for Environmental Resilience
KSU's dedication to crisis management is exemplified by its program "WISER (Women in Sustainable Environmental Resilience): Kababaihan Kaway-an ang Baha." This initiative has achieved the 9th position globally and is ranked second in the Philippines. The program focuses on empowering women to lead in sustainable environmental resilience, particularly in flood-prone areas. Spearheaded by May Josefa Buslig and faculty from the CBAA, this program has showcased the university’s commitment to addressing climate-related challenges through community engagement and innovative solutions. Dr. Pinky Larcelle Gas-ib’s writing has effectively communicated the vital role of this initiative in promoting environmental sustainability and resilience.

KSU President, Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang expressed his utmost gratitude to the KSU family for their usual support to these initiatives.

Kalinga State University's exemplary performance in these global rankings underscores its steadfast dedication to innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and crisis management. These achievements not only elevate KSU's stature on the world stage but also highlight the university's significant contributions to sustainable development and community empowerment. Through the collaborative efforts of its talented proponents and insightful writers, KSU continues to inspire and lead by example, fostering a brighter and more resilient future for all.