KSU Holds 29th Mid- Year Term 2022 Commencement exercises

The mid-year term graduation was commemorated yesterday with the theme, Navigating the New Normal Towards Community Recovery and Sustained Resiliency Through Quality and responsive Education. Faced with the challenges of the pandemic, this batch of graduates have routed their paths through the new normal and were able to quickly adapt to the blended mode of classes.

Tabuk City Public Information Officer, Ms. Amelia Amilig who represented the city mayor, gave emphasis on the famous line of Dr. Seuss, “When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” Contemplating the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the graduates have defined and strengthen themselves and fearlessly marched and avowed their diplomas on stage.

According to Mr. Danilo Iso, University registrar, among the 254 graduates, the College of Engineering and Information Technology has the highest number with a total of 70 graduates. The College of Health and natural sciences and the College of Agriculture ranked second and third respectively.  Considering the mode of classes during the pandemic, the College of Engineering and Information Technology and the College of Agriculture with their major requirements on technical research have caused the delay of their students since they were not allowed to go out and conduct said research.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Christina Ammakiw, Dean of the college of health and natural Sciences explained that their graduates for the Diploma in Midwifery were supposed to be batch 2021 but due to pandemic, there was a delay of their PRC Delivery cases which is a major requirement for graduation and their preparation for board examinations. Nevertheless, what matters most is that they embraced and adapted to the new normal and finally reached the end ladder of their success.

It is recalled that the first face-to-face graduation ceremony was conducted in June 2022 but in two sessions to maintain social distancing following the guidelines for limited face to face conduct of activities as well.