KSU holds First General Assembly for 2023

As a usual part of our university activities, the university held its general assembly involving both the teaching and non-teaching staff on January 13, 2023 at the KSU gymnasium.

Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, University President said that this activity aimed to lay out what is expected of us and the management through out the fiscal year. He added that we also have to draft our 5-year Development Plan from 2023- onwards or a 5-year Development Plan which coincides with the New Philippine Development Plan.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Rodolfo, the Vice President for Academics and Student Development discussed on academic matters, Dr. Romualdo U. Wacas, The chief Administrative Officer on Administrative concerns, Mr. Danilo Buen on Finance Management Services and Dr. Rhonda Vail Leyaley on Quality Assurance.

During the open forum, all queries were addressed and noted by the concerned offices.

Dr. Joy Grace P. Doctor, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, aside from answering the other queries, explained the process on the guidelines in the new reclassification of faculty as well as the implementation of the Revised Organizational Structure and Staffing Standards (ROSSS) for SUCs where a great opportunity for the non-teaching awaits.