KSU Hosts NAP Training in Kalinga

Kalinga State University hosted a two-day training seminar conducted by the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) on April 17-18, 2024. Participants were from the different government agencies, LGUs, and several private entities of the province who were gathered to acquire learning on records management.

During the first day of the training, Mr. Patrick T. Woods, the NAP records Management Analyst I, and the event's facilitator introduced other members from the NAP led by Ms. Gina M. Papa the Chief, Training, formation Division. Carrying the knowledge and expertise were the two Resource speakers Mr. Terence Michael A. Tablizo, the NAP supervising Records Management Analysts, and Ms. Virginia S. Raymundo, the Chief, Records Management Analyst. The NAP training staff & Facilitators, Ms. Cheryl B. Alvarez, Ms. Lydia C. Talabis, Mr. Donald M. Maximo and Mr. Gerald I. De Guzman.

University President, Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, acknowledged the presence of each participant coming from different entities. He mentioned the importance of the opportunity that not everybody can avail of, as well as the reiteration of the relevance of seminar-workshop if only taken seriously. He also discussed the impact of this initiative brought by the NAP team not only to the university but to the entire province as he highlighted the words "Strategically Challenge areas" from the title of the event as he cited how the province is Challenged to such opportunities basing on its geographical location. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude for such an endeavor that surely will uplift the knowledge of the Ykalinga Public servants.

The second day of the training was focused on the lectures on records center and archives administration, storage condition and security of records/ pest management, the preservation of records, and disaster preparedness on the effects and perspective on records recovery. Integration and assessment action planning serves as an activity for the participants.

In closing, some of the participants were called to express their impressions on the activities, followed by the awarding of the tokens of appreciation by the University President, Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang and the Supervising Administrative Officer, Mr. Jay C. Lapuz.