KSU Launches University GREEN Initiative to Combat Environmental Challenges

In response to the pressing environmental challenges exacerbated by the prevailing heatwave in the province, Kalinga State University unveiled a comprehensive three-day training program titled University GREEN (Guardianship for Responsible Environmental Education Network) from April 3-5, 2024.

Leading the charge were equally gorgeous figures within KSU's leadership hierarchy, including Dr. Lope T. Buen, Vice President for Research and Training; Mrs. Melanie S. Manuel and Dr. Rhonda Vail G. Leyaley, Director for Quality Assurance.

The first day of the program saw active participation from student leaders representing all three campuses, demonstrating the commitment of the younger generation towards environmental stewardship.

On the second day, Deans, Program Chairs, and University Officials engaged in insightful discussions and workshops, delving deeper into strategies for effective environmental management.

The culmination of the initiative on the third day was dedicated to the non-teaching staff and utility workers, signifying the inclusivity of KSU's environmental advocacy. The day concluded with a ceremonious closing event, featuring the presentation of certificates to both participants and esteemed resource speakers.

Mrs. Evelyn Likigan from the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) discussed on Pollution Control and Waste Management. Forester Jefferson Himson, from the College of Forestry, delivered a comprehensive lecture on Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources Management, encompassing pertinent legislation safeguarding forests, wildlife, and endangered species.

Further enriching the discourse, Juman Kevin Tindo from the College of Agroforestry and Environmental Science, Rizal Campus, elucidated on critical legislative frameworks such as the Climate Change Act of 2009 (Republic Act No. 9729) and the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System (PEISS).

Dr. Lope T. Buen, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Development, imparted invaluable insights on the salient points of the University Environment Management Code, underscoring KSU's commitment to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

Central to the seminar-workshop's objectives is the sustained cultivation of environmental awareness, ensuring continuous education and advocacy within the expanding KSU community. Meanwhile, workshops on basic waste segregation emerged as the highlight, emphasizing practical steps towards sustainable environmental practices.