KSU Produces 19 New Foresters

Nineteen of the twenty-nine takers passed the Licensure Examination for Foresters (LEF) conducted by the PRC and the Board of Foresters on October 26–27, 2022. The result was released after two working days.

Of the 17 first-time takers, 12 passed, and seven passed of the 12 repeaters, which makes the KSU passing rate equal to 65.52 percent, which is higher than the national passing rate of 54.87 percent.

KSU ranks second highest among the learning institutions offering BS Forestry in the region, next to MPSPC, with a passing rate of 66.67%.

One College of Forestry faculty member, Forester Jefferson Himson, held the face-to-face review session with the graduates. The graduates took the risk of attending review sessions with For. Himson, since the COVID-19 pandemic is still ensuing. These graduates were in their second year during the start of the pandemic, and they adapted to the protocols of the IATF for COVID-19.

All the LEF takers from KSU found it convenient to take their examination at Tuguegarao City, which is only a few kilometers away from Tabuk City. The College of Forestry has continuously produced foresters and maintained a passing percentage higher than the national average. /ISC