P30-M Research, Extension and Training Center inaugurated

The newly constructed three-storey building of the research, extension and training center of the Kalinga State University was formally inaugurated on November 18, 2020 highlighting the traditional house blessing ritual of Kalinga called “chomchomog”.

Funded by the General Appropriations Act of 2017 under capital outlay, the approved budget for the construction of the solar-powered building amounted to P30,000,000. It is a milestone on the part of KSU as a higher learning institution with major thrust to engage in relevant and high-quality researches that will advance learning and national development and to carry out extension programs in the form of research and technology-transfer activities to partner communities.

The new building has 3 function rooms, 2 conference halls, 8-bedroom hostel to accommodate visitors, and various offices for the RDE employees and staff.

During the ritual, an elderly woman did the patching of ground rice on the walls of the new building for the spirits to see proof that ‘chomog’ was indeed performed. Mr. Gomowang of the Dacalan tribe prayed to ‘Kabunyan’ in order to bestow upon the building occupants an opportunity to live freely in peace and health and spoke to the spirits in chant telling that the ‘chomog’ has been performed and appealed to them to leave the building and go to where they belong.

‘Chomchomog’ is one of the traditional rituals performed before a newly constructed house is occupied or public building is opened for public use to drive away or quiet down spirits who are believed to have dwelt in the area or structure prior and during its construction stage.