University Officials



Contact Information
DR. EDUARDO T. BAGTANG SUC President III [email protected]
DR. MARILOU B. ADORA Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Development [email protected]
DR. LOPE BUEN Vice President for Research Development, Extension, and Training [email protected]

Vice-President for Administration, Finance, Planning and Development Concurrent Director for IGP

[email protected]
DR. ROBERT A. RODOLFO Campus Administrator, KSU Bulanao Campus [email protected]
DR. LONEZA G. CARBONEL Campus Administrator, KSU Dagupan Campus [email protected]
MRS. EHROL C. BAYED OIC Campus Administrator, KSU Rizal Campus [email protected]

Director,  Finance Management Concurrent Director for Administrative Services

[email protected]
MR. ROMUALDO WACAS Chief Administrative Officer [email protected]
MR. GIARHARD C. AWIS Director for Information, Communication and Technology (Effective Until such time a ICT Officer shall be appointed) [email protected]
MRS. EVANGELINE D. CABELLO Director for Library Services [email protected]
DR. FERDINAND L. GANOTICE Director for Research [email protected]
DR. RAQUEL J. DULLIYAO Director for Extension [email protected]
MS. IRENE DAGUASI Director for Gender and Development [email protected]
ENGR. RHON JHON R. GARMING Director for Planning and Strategy [email protected]
DR. MARY JOYCE WANGIWANG Director for Student Services and Placement Services [email protected]
MRS. MAY JOSEFA S. BUSLIG Director for Sports and Socio-Cultural & Physical Education [email protected]
DR. PINKY LARCELLE LANG-AY Director for Open Distance Education, Transnational Education, and International Linkages [email protected]
MRS. KAREN RAZELLE DUYAN Director for Business Affairs Office [email protected]
DR. RHONDA VAIL LEYALEY Director for Quality Assurance [email protected]
DR. RUTH L. LADWINGON Director for the Center of Training and Professional Development [email protected]
DR. JANET P. CALIMAG Director for Sentro Wika at Kultura [email protected]
DR. IMELDA C. AGBISIT Director for Science Laboratories [email protected]
ENGR. DANILO C. FALGUI Director for General Services Office [email protected]
DR. PERFELIA R. BUEN University Board and Secretary [email protected]
MR. DANILO F. ISO University Registrar [email protected]
DR. MARIA LINDA G. GAVINO University Physician [email protected]
JUDGE MARCELINO K. WACAS OIC Dean, College of Law [email protected]
MR. MARSKY UBEÑA OIC Dean, College of Agroforestry and Environmental Studies [email protected]
MS. BRENDA LUMINES Dean, College of Education [email protected]
MR. RODOLFO B. TUCAY Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences [email protected]
MR. NOLLIE D. JERSON Dean, College of Business and Accountancy [email protected]
MS. GLORY ANN CALDINGON OIC Dean, College of Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Hospitality Management [email protected]
MR. REX LANGNGAG OIC Dean, College of Agriculture [email protected]
MR. STALLEN CLEMENCE PUYOC Dean, College of Engineering and Information Technology [email protected]
MRS. MARY GRACE IGNACIO Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education [email protected]
DR. MARILOU D. ALNGAG Dean, College of Public Administration and Indigenous Governance [email protected]
DR. CHRISTINA AMMAKIW Dean, College of Health and Natural Sciences [email protected]
FOR. VICTORINO BAYED Dean, College of Forestry [email protected]
DR. SUDEMAI PAULINE BUEN Principal, High School Department [email protected]
Languages, Department Chairman [email protected]
MS. FLORIDA LAO-ATEN Natural Sciences, Department Chairman [email protected]
MRS. JOCELYN LUMAS-E Mathematics, Department Chairman [email protected]
MR. ERIC A. PALOY Information Technology, Department Chairman [email protected]
MRS. MELANIE S. MANUEL Natural Science, Department Chairman [email protected]
MRS. ESMERLYN BAYANGAN Physical Education, Department Chairman [email protected]