A Welcome Message from the College Dean

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences aspires excellence in liberal arts and social science education, nurturing the intellectual and moral foundations in order to produce employable and globally competitive graduates. As the academic head, it is with great honor to provide exemplary leadership and build a healthy environment where the faculty members unleash their creative energies in fulfilling their teaching duties and administrative functions. Together, we will strive hard to deliver quality education and pay attention to students' needs and concerns.

To our students, as we navigate the journey together in pursuit of quality education, we also strive to embrace the challenges that come along, for they are the stepping stones to growth. Indeed, it is a fundamental component in the construction of knowledge and resilience. It is noteworthy that your college journey is a transformative experience that shapes your intellect, hones your skills, and molds your character. It is the best time for exploration and the formation of lasting memories with your classmates and friends. Seize every opportunity to broaden your horizons, whether through curricular or extracurricular activities and other worthwhile activities.

Remember that education is a lifelong adventure. Seize the opportunity while you have a thirst for knowledge, collaborate, support, and inspire one another, for the strength of your community lies in your collective



College Dean