Commencing Academic Year 2023-2024: Kalinga State University Officials Conduct Comprehensive Orientation for Freshmen and Returning Students

The commencement of the academic year 2023-2024 was marked by a Flag ceremony, accompanied by an insightful orientation provided by the university officials, aimed at guiding, and motivating both incoming freshmen and returning students. The event took place in front of the College of Education building.

Dr. Maria Linda G. Gavino, the university physician, emphasized the availability of the clinic for all students, ensuring accessible consultation services at any time. Furthermore, she highlighted the concurrent dental services accessible to students within the clinic's premises. Dr. Gavino reminded the student body of the importance of adhering to health protocols, thereby mitigating the potential transmission of any prevailing viruses.

Mr. Victor Ganaban, of the guidance office, welcomed students to voice their concerns and inquiries, reaffirming the office's commitment to addressing student needs.

Mrs. Evangeline Cabello, the University Librarian, gave updates pertaining to the university's library facilities, extending an invitation to students to fully leverage these resources for research, study, and academic enrichment.

Mr. Danilo Iso, the University Registrar, extended the enrollment period to accommodate students who may have missed the initial registration period. He also announced the schedule for adding and dropping subjects to facilitate academic adjustments within this week.

Mr. Glenn Banguiyac, imparted important news regarding the Tertiary Education Subsidy. He revealed a revision in the subsidy amount, reiterating the university's commitment to accommodate a larger number of deserving students. While the subsidy for new recipients is set at ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) per semester, returning students will continue to receive twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00).

Dr. Rhonda Veil Leyaley, the Director for Quality Assurance, emphasized the importance of mutual RESPECT among peers and colleagues as a cornerstone of achieving a quality education experience.

Engr. Danilo Falgui, the Director for General Services, shared a lighthearted yet impactful message, underscoring the significance of adhering to austerity measures within the university.

Dr. Robert Rodolfo, Bulanao Campus Administrator, after his encouraging message said that both faculty and students should start the year right and end it right.

Dr. Marilou B. Adora, the Vice President for Academics and Student Development, imparted valuable wisdom to returning students, encouraging them to mentor and support the newcomers as they navigate the unfamiliar academic landscape.

In his inspiring message, University President Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang emphasized the indispensable role of determination in achieving success. Dr. Bagtang highlighted the institution's commitment to offering tuition-free education and urged students to earnestly pursue timely completion of their studies.

Dr. Bagtang also reminded the faculty and staff of their services to the students regardless of the points that they would earn for their institutional promotions.

Concluding the event, Dr. Bagtang extended a hearty welcome to the freshmen, returning students, faculty, and staff, when he said, “I am happy to welcome you all in the university”. This commencement marks the beginning of a divergent academic journey at Kalinga State University.

Said orientation and first flag ceremony was initiated by the office of the Director for Student Affairs and Services, Dr. Mary Joyce D. Wangiwang.