Kalinga State University Commemorative Mass: A Ceremony of Remembrance and Healing

Today, the Kalinga State University family gathered at HAARRDEC Park for a solemn requiem and healing mass, a cherished tradition within our university's calendar of events. This is to offer prayers for the departed loved ones of KSU employees and extending healing prayers to those currently facing health challenges.

The mass was officiated by Rev. Fr. Romeo Dawaton, parish priest of St. Joseph Catholic Parish, who led the congregation in reflection and prayer. In attendance were university officials, faculty members, staff, and students.

Through this meaningful ceremony, we honored the memories of those who have passed and sought solace and renewal for those among us who are enduring personal hardships. This gathering reaffirms our commitment to compassion, unity, and support within Kalinga State University.

Let us continue to uphold each other in prayer and solidarity during these challenging times.