Municipal Local Government of Flora Welcomes KSU delegation to the 2024 CARASUC Athletic Meet

Headed by the Municipal Mayor of Flora, Apayao, Hon. Rodolfo B. Juan, the officialdom of said municipality warmly welcomed the KSU delegation to the 2024 CARASUC Athletic Meet, yesterday at the Dr. Efren U. De San Jose Memorial Sports Center.

Mayor Juan who was a former Barangay Captain of Bulanao way back 1989 to 1992,expressed his gratitude to the Kalinga Delegations. "Iyebkas ko t nabara nga ayat mi nga mangsarabo kadakayo amin, we want you to feel the immense love we have for all of you", he added.

In his response,Dr.Eduardo T. Bagtang said, "it is only now that we are welcomed solely by a municipality", comparing to previous CARSUCs activities hosted by ASC. "Naidumduma Daytoy nga pammadayaw ken nabara nga panangpasangbay yu t KSU", he added.

On the other,hand, President Bagtang mentioned the great improvements of Flora today. He also signified his wholehearted intention to request for more scholarships from the Association of Ikalingas of Houston, Texas where he was able to ask for KSU deserving students.

Likewise, on behalf of KSU,he also expressed the university's willingness to accept Flora LGU employees who want to pursue their advanced studies in their respective fields which are not offered in Apayao State College.