BSP Educates KSU on Ensuring Integrity of Philippine Currency

In a bid to promote financial literacy and safeguard the integrity of the Philippine currency, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) conducted an informative lecture at Kalinga State University today. The event drew an enthusiastic audience comprising faculty, staff, third and fourth-year college students, and senior high school students.

The lecture, delivered by prominent speakers Atty. Dante T. Cambri and Maria Elena A. Madriaga from the North Luzon Regional Office of BSP, covered various aspects of maintaining the integrity of the Philippine currency. Attendees were introduced to the country's first-ever polymer piso, while also gaining essential knowledge on financial management, including saving and budgeting, debt management, digital payments, and cyber hygiene.

The informative session aimed to equip students, faculty members and staff with a comprehensive understanding of the significance of upholding the integrity of the Philippine currency. It provided them with practical insights into the responsible handling of money, thereby fostering a culture of financial literacy and responsible financial behavior.

Atty. Dante T. Cambri, a seasoned legal expert from BSP, emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Philippine currency. He highlighted how counterfeit money affects the economy and undermines public trust. Through his engaging discourse, Cambri stressed the need for collective efforts in detecting and reporting counterfeit currency to the authorities.

Maria Elena A. Madriaga, a representative from BSP's North Luzon Regional Office, shared valuable insights on various financial aspects. Madriaga shed light on effective budgeting techniques, encouraging the audience to cultivate responsible spending habits. She also emphasized the significance of digital payments in today's digital era, while providing valuable tips on cyber hygiene to protect against financial fraud.

The lecture served as an excellent opportunity for the attendees to interact with BSP representatives and gain firsthand knowledge about financial management. The engaging and informative session received positive feedback from the participants, who appreciated the practical advice and guidance provided by the speakers.

The BSP lecture at Kalinga State University is part of the central bank's ongoing efforts to promote financial education and raise awareness about the integrity of the Philippine currency. By reaching out to academic institutions, BSP aims to empower the younger generation with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions.

The attendees left the lecture hall equipped with a deeper understanding of the importance of financial responsibility, as well as practical tools to implement in their daily lives. The event undoubtedly left a lasting impact, contributing to a more financially literate and vigilant society in the Philippines.

As BSP continues its commitment to fostering a secure and robust financial system, it will undoubtedly inspire similar initiatives across the country, reinforcing the integrity of the Philippine currency and empowering individuals to make informed financial choices.