Kalinga State University and DSWD-CAR Join Forces to Streamline Recruitment Process

Kalinga State University (KSU) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development-Cordillera Administrative Region (DSWD-CAR) have announced a landmark partnership aimed at revolutionizing the agency's hiring-related activities. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on April 24, 2023, has paved the way for a close collaboration between the two entities, aimed at streamlining the recruitment process.

The MOU outlines a number of key terms, which include KSU disseminating the DSWD-CAR's Notice of Vacancy to its school premises and alumni social media pages, advocating for character reference checks for fresh graduate applicants, and inviting the DSWD-CAR to participate in Career Guidance activities or information dissemination initiatives. In return, the DSWD-CAR will conduct background checks of applicants, send representatives to participate in Career Guidance activities, and provide orientation on the agency's hiring process.

This partnership, which takes immediate effect, is set to last for one year unless either party decides to withdraw from the agreement by giving written notice. By joining forces, KSU and DSWD-CAR will benefit from each other's resources, expertise, and network, resulting in a more efficient and effective recruitment process for both parties.

The collaboration has been hailed as a significant milestone, particularly for KSU, as it represents an opportunity for the university to contribute to the development of the region by assisting in the recruitment of talented and skilled individuals. For DSWD-CAR, the partnership will provide an avenue for the agency to tap into KSU's pool of graduates, enabling it to attract top-quality applicants to fill key positions within the organization.

The KSU-DSWD-CAR MOU signing is a clear indication of the two institutions' commitment to providing quality service to the region's citizens, and it is expected to result in a more efficient and effective recruitment process, ultimately benefiting the local community.