Kalinga State University Inaugurates Two Landmark Projects and Celebrates IPED

Kalinga State University recently inaugurated two significant projects, marking a major milestone in the university’s history. The inauguration, combined with Indigenous Peoples Education (IPED) celebration, brought together community leaders, officials, and cultural enthusiasts to witness the unveiling of a new road network and a state-of-the-art performing arts theater.

Said program, which took place on Friday, October 27, 2023, commenced with Commissioner Marita R. Canapi leading the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the road network and the performing arts theater. Commissioner Canapi's visit to KSU coincided with the Board meetings of the CAR-SUCs, which were held from October 25 to 27.

President Eduardo T. Bagtang, in his welcome address, highlighted the significance of the two projects as a proof to the successful implementation of what has been approved in terms of policies and initiatives. “By coming up with this performing arts theater, we will be able to impart our culture, dances, and songs for students in KSU and nearby Higher Education Institutions.” He added.

He went on to encourage students to utilize the theater as a platform to showcase their talents and the cultural heritage of the Cordilleras and nearby provinces, ensuring that this unique cultural tapestry is not lost but enhanced.

President Bagtang also expressed gratitude to the province's leaders for their untiring support, with special recognition for the new academic building, initially funded by the Office of Congressman Honorable Allen Jesse Mangaoang.

In his concluding message, President Bagtang emphasized KSU's unique role in serving the most disadvantaged in the province. "We cannot afford to leave the youth of this province behind. Let us bring them to the forefront of society, for they will undoubtedly become productive citizens of this province," he asserted, underscoring the university's commitment to inclusivity.

Honorable Allen Jesse Mangaoang lauded the university for its great achievements and the transformative changes that have taken place during President Bagtang's tenure. He cited the university's rapid infrastructure development and its accolades in internationalization and quality as examples of the remarkable progress achieved under President Bagtang's leadership.

In his message, Honorable James Edduba, represented by Atty. John Paul Baguiwan, emphasized the vital role of Higher Education Institutions in preserving indigenous culture through research programs that incorporate indigenous knowledge and languages. He also congratulated KSU on the inauguration of the two completed projects, recognizing their importance in promoting cultural heritage.

Mr. Cirilo A. Bawer, a cultural bearer of Kalinga, expressed his deep admiration and appreciation for the university's commitment to indigenous culture, particularly through its Indigenous Peoples Education (IPED) program. He described this initiative as a precious gift to the indigenous people of Kalinga, celebrating the preservation of their cultural heritage.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the performing arts theater, where traditional arts found a platform for genuine and unique expression of the YKalingas' cultural identity. Bawer emphasized the dynamism and creativity of teachers and students, who continue to explore the boundless beauty of traditional arts, ensuring the evolution and preservation of indigenous culture.

The program concluded with the recognition of local Kalinga artists, and it was attended by officials from the province, marking this eventful occasion that celebrated education, culture, and community spirit here at Kalinga State University.