Kalinga State University Receives Certificates for Dual 2023 WURI Awards

Kalinga State University is celebrating a historic achievement as it proudly receives two prestigious certificates, solidifying its position among the world's leading universities in fostering innovation and promoting student mobility and openness. The certificates were received on July 16, 2023, recognizing KSU's exceptional performance in the World University Rankings for Innovation.

Earlier this year, on May 18, 2023, KSU made waves in the global education community when it secured top positions in two distinct categories. In the first category, KSU secured an impressive ranking between 101 and 200 among the World University Rankings for Innovation. In the second category, the university achieved an outstanding position between 51 and 100 among the World University Rankings for Innovation in Student Mobility and Openness.

The accolades came because of KSU's relentless commitment to nurturing an environment of innovation and academic excellence. Among the key contributors to this achievement were three groundbreaking projects that captivated the attention of the World University Ranking for Innovation committee.

The first project, named "Project CuBE-RIKS2: Culture-Based Education - Revitalizing Indigenous Knowledge Systems in the 21st Century in Kalinga Province," showcased KSU's dedication to preserving and reviving the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous communities within the Kalinga Province. By integrating traditional knowledge systems with modern education, KSU has not only enriched the learning experience of its students but also contributed significantly to the preservation of invaluable cultural wisdom.

The second project, "Project MARISOL: Making ASEAN Requisites Intensified and Strengthened through Organized Learning Sessions," demonstrated KSU's strong commitment to fostering regional cooperation and understanding among Southeast Asian nations. By promoting organized learning sessions that encourage students to engage actively with ASEAN's cultural, economic, and social intricacies, KSU has become a hub for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue.

The third project, TraCIES: Tracing Culture for Inclusive Education Sustainability, which highlights the establishment of the Campus-based Kalinga Cultural Heritage and Edu-Tourism Center under the StudyPh Program, that aims to provide experiential learning for participants of cultural exchange by developing programs, learning visits and collaborations with the indigenous local culture as the centerpiece. Thereby, making the university a viable educational tourism destination.

Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, University President, expressed his profound gratitude for the recognition the university has received. He emphasized that KSU's success is the result of the collective effort of its brilliant faculty, dedicated staff, and talented students. "We are immensely proud of our university's achievements and its positive impact on our local and global communities. These awards motivate us to continue our journey towards greater excellence and innovation," he remarked.

The dual WURI awards have elevated Kalinga State University to new heights, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in higher education and research. As the university continues to push the boundaries of knowledge and embrace a culture of openness and collaboration, the future looks even brighter for KSU and the communities it serves.

The certificates received by KSU serve as an attestation to the stunning strides made in innovation and student mobility, making the entire Kalinga Province proud of their beloved institution. The university's success sets an inspiring example for other institutions worldwide, urging them to strive for innovation, inclusivity, and academic excellence in all their endeavors.