KSU Celebrates 7th University Charter Day and Pays Tribute to Dr. Ernesto T. Miguel: KSU Continues to Excel in the "Now Normal" with a Focus on Excellence and Engagement

Kalinga State University (KSU) marked its 7th University Charter Day with a grand celebration on May 19, 2023. The event, held under the theme "KSU in the Now Normal: C.R.E.A.T.E.S.," which stands for "Continues the ripple of excellence; activates teamwork and engagement to success," showcased the university's commitment to fostering excellence, collaboration, and success.

The program commenced with a solemn mass, setting the tone for the day's festivities. Dr. Robert Rodolfo, Vice President for Academics and Student Development, delivered a warm welcome message, expressing gratitude to all the attendees and highlighting the significance of the occasion.

Dr. Perfelia R. Buen, Board and University Secretary, took the stage to present a captivating historical account of KSU's journey and milestones since its establishment as a university.

Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, the esteemed University President, emphasized the importance of KSU's mission in providing quality education and the university's unwavering dedication to achieving excellence in all endeavors.

A momentous highlight of the event was the recognition of the bar and board passers, acknowledging their outstanding achievements and contributions to their respective fields.

Dr. Ronda Vail Leyaley, Director for Quality Assurance, provided an overview of the KSU's pursuit of the Philippine Quality Award (PQA), sharing the institution's progress and efforts to meet the highest standards of excellence.

Dr. Joy Grace P. Doctor then presented updates on the DBM-CHED joint circular No. 3, s. 2022, focusing on institutional promotion and the implementation of the Revised Organizational Structure and Staffing Standards for State Universities and Colleges (ROSS) for phase 1.

Transitioning to the second part of the program, a heartfelt tribute was paid to the esteemed Dr. Ernesto T. Miguel, a distinguished figure in the KSU community, the former dean of the College of Agriculture and the Vice President for Research Development, Extension and Training. Mr. Danilo T. Buen delivered an inspiring biography, recounting Dr. Miguel's remarkable contributions and dedication to the university.

Dr. Jovita Saguibo and Dr. Ruby Orange Agyao, colleagues and friends of Dr. Miguel, delivered testimonial messages, expressing their deep admiration and gratitude for his valuable service and mentorship.

In a heartfelt response, Dr. Ernesto Miguel expressed his appreciation for the recognition and shared fond memories of his journey at KSU, expressing optimism for the university's future.

The program concluded with the presentation of a certificate and token of appreciation to Dr. Ernesto Miguel by the KSUEA and KSUFFAI Presidents, symbolizing the university community's heartfelt gratitude for his exceptional service.

The 7th University Charter Day celebration and tribute to Dr. Ernesto T. Miguel was a remarkable event that showcased KSU's commitment to excellence, collaboration, and honoring its distinguished members. The university's dedication to fostering a culture of success and engagement remains unwavering as it continues to navigate the "now normal" with resilience and determination.