KSU Student Services Team goes for benchmarking across three Universities

Dr. Mary Joyce Wangiwang, the Director of the Student Development Services and Placement Services (OSDSPS), spearheaded a comprehensive benchmarking initiative alongside her dedicated Student Services Team from August 1 to 4, 2023. The team visited three prestigious universities – Nueva Vizcaya State University, Central Luzon State University, and Tarlac Agricultural University – to learn, exchange ideas, and enhance the student support services provided by Kalinga State University.

The benchmarking exercise aimed to identify best practices, share innovative strategies, and foster collaboration among these institutions to improve the overall student experience. Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, the University President, known for his transformative approach to education, emphasized the importance of continuously evolving and adapting to the changing needs of students, thus, gave his full support to the team that included Dr. Maria Linda Gabit, the University Physician, Dr. Gretchen Tibangwa, the University Dentist, Ms. Erlingine Sison, the Scholarship Coordinator, Ms. Pepsi Lawad, the Guidance Coordinator for Dagupan Campus, and Ms. Marie Joy Garming, the Chairperson of Student Publication. The OSDSPS team is also joined by Ms. May Shiu-Buslig, the Director of Sports and Socio-Cultural Affairs.

During the team's visit to Nueva Vizcaya State University, they were warmly welcomed by Dr. Angel Genato IV, the Director for Student Affairs, and his team. They allowed the KSU team to delve into the university's robust mentorship programs and student clubs. They exchanged ideas on nurturing leadership skills and creating a vibrant campus community. The team expressed their admiration for NVSU’s student engagement initiatives and acknowledged the potential to implement similar activities within the University.

At Central Luzon State University, the welcoming office, led by Dr. Irene Bustos, the Dean for Student Affairs, included an insightful tour of their state-of-the-art student affairs office, and infirmary. The benchmarking team engaged in productive discussions with NVSU's student affairs professionals, exploring ways to bolster student support and career development resources for KSU students.

Tarlac Agricultural University showcased its cutting-edge technology integration to enhance student engagement and communication. The team were particularly impressed by TAU’s use of digital platforms for academic advising and extracurricular involvement, sparking discussions on adopting similar tools to streamline services at Kalinga State University. The TAU crew directed by Dr. Danilo Oficiar, the Vice-President for Student Affairs and Services, and Ms. Yolanda Juan, the Vice-President for Administration and Finance, as well as the KSU team look forward to a more collaborative partnership in the future.

The benchmarking exercise was characterized by enthusiastic knowledge-sharing sessions, and brainstorming discussions. Dr. Wangiwang emphasized that these interactions served as a reminder that collaboration and the sharing of ideas are key drivers of positive change within the education sector.

"The insights gained from Nueva Vizcaya State University, Central Luzon State University, and Tarlac Agricultural University have been invaluable," stated Dr. Wangiwang. "Our Student Services Team is now better equipped to implement innovative strategies that will significantly enhance the holistic development and well-being of our students in our university."

The successful benchmarking initiative under Dr. Mary Joyce Wangiwang's leadership has ignited a new spirit of collaboration and commitment to excellence among the participating universities. As educational institutions across the Philippines continue to strive for holistic student development, the impact of this benchmarking exercise is expected to resonate positively within the academic community for years to come.