KSU Welcomes the Newbies of the Family

Through the initiative of the HR Unit of the University’s administrative office, supported by the University Key officials, the orientation program for new entrants, specifically the non-teaching staff of the University is conducted at Las Vegas Hotel and Restaurant, today.

Highlights are the statement of the events purpose, Discussion, and presentation of various topics on the Norms of Conduct and Ethical Standards ( RA 6713), Government Working Hours and Proper Office Decorum, and other matters concerning the rules and obligations for the institution.

Apart from the sequence of activities, the program started with the remarks from the University Key Officials.

As mentioned by Dr. Joy Grace P. Doctor, VP for Administration and Finance on her welcome remarks, it is better late than never where this program is worth to be performed. The total number of 95 full time non-teaching staff are hired now, as a result of the implementation of the Revised Organizational Structure and Staffing standards (ROSS) for SUCs belong to the KSU family. This number of new entrants provided with significant duties is an additional "driving force" for the university. She remarked that everyone is blessed to be playing an important role to the Ykalinga youth and this assures the attainment of the University’s mission and vision.

"Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible", Dr. Romualdo U. Wacas, Chief Administrative Officer emphasized in his message. He discussed the rationale of the program, the purpose, and the responsibilities of every employee, and concluded by saying, “Be the person who thinks about the progress of the institution.

Inspiring new entrants with his remarkable experiences during his times as newbie and as a leader, KSU President, Eduardo T. Bagtang's impressive words in his message are " Serve Well, Serve Best", “Have Passion" and "Do something to uplift others and not to oppress". These words stained truly to each personnel.

Moreover, an inspirational nourishment and Values orientation was expressed by Pastor Jovito C. Garcia of the Mountain View Lighthouse Baptist Church.

Supporting the aim of the activity is the presence of various Unit Heads of the university.

This event is a proof of Unity among the people who work behind the success achieved and to be achieved by the growing family of the University.