President Bagtang's Visit to Houston: A Gateway to Collaborative Opportunities for Kalinga State University

During his visit to Houston, Texas on February 22, 2024, Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, Kalinga State University president, spearheaded efforts to forge beneficial partnerships and collaborations for the institution.

Key highlights of his trip include:

Collaboration Discussions with Texas A&M University where he engaged in fruitful discussions with officials from Texas A&M University in Houston, exploring potential collaborations in the training of faculty and students, particularly in the field of Animal Science.

Exploring Training Opportunities at J.D. Huggins Ranch where he visited J.D. Huggins Ranch to explore possibilities for faculty training and student internships, aiming to enhance practical knowledge and skills in agricultural practices.

Potential Partnerships with Breeding Stations where his visits to TransNova Breeding Station and Elgine Breeding Station revealed potential partnerships for sourcing cow semen for Artificial Insemination, a crucial initiative to improve livestock quality at KSU.

Strengthening Ties with Bagong Silang Texas Foundation (BSTF) where he met with the Bagong Silang Texas Foundation, led by Archie Tamayo, which generously offered eight additional scholarships to KSU students. The BSTF has been a key supporter of scholars from KSU, further solidifying the bond between the foundation and the university.

Collaborative Efforts with Ikalinga of Southern America with their president, Mr. Jhon Ulep, a native of Balantoy, Balbalan, who played a crucial role in connecting KSU with BSTF. His efforts also extended to providing valuable resources for the KSU library, through his project on providing books for the Filipiniana collection, enriching academic resources for students and faculty alike.

President Bagtang's visits to Houston not only strengthened existing partnerships but also opened doors to new avenues of collaboration, fostering growth and advancement for Kalinga State University.