Professional Regulatory Board of Agriculture Inspection and Monitoring Visit to Assess Quality Assurance in KSU- College of Agriculture

To improve the board ratings as well as the quality of instruction offered in the College of Agriculture, the Professional Regulatory Board of Agriculture Inspection and Monitoring team is now in the university to inspect and monitor the College of Agriculture particularly the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program.

In her message, Dr. Joy Grace P. Doctor, Vice President for Administration and Finance urged the faculty and staff of the college to cooperate specifically in providing the documents crucial for the evaluation process. “This is an important aspect in order to improve our services to our students”, she added.

Following the submission of requisite documents, the team, spearheaded by Hon. Eric P. Palacpac, Chairperson for PRBAgri, and Ms. Zarah Mae I. Comom, PRC Representative, will conduct an extensive tour of the facilities. This will include thorough inspections to validate the presence and adequacy of essential resources such as animal and crop farm production facilities, laboratories, and pertinent academic records such as the curriculum and faculty profiles.

This comprehensive evaluation emphasizes KSU's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of agricultural education and ensuring an optimal learning environment for its students.